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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

I wanted to do a small write up about myself and how Endless Possibilities with CBD Ltd was born. 

At the age of 19 I had a car crash and suffered nerve damage in my back. 

At the age of 20 I had accept that my life was going to be completely different and in addition to that I had to find a new career. I was a barber at the time. A job I loved but I was unable to stand all day to complete. 

I then found a new job and carried on with my life the best I could I was then blessed twice in my life. I was lucky enough to marry my now husband in 2012. A man who has been with me from the age of 17 and been my absolute rock. 

Later that year we then find out I was pregnant which we were delighted about but knew it would take its toll on my body. 

Why I was pregnant my hips displaced, pain spread through my body.

After spending 4 months on bed rest we where then delighted with the arrival of our son in June 2013. 

After having my son I was again put on really strong medication which I struggled to take and be alert enough to care for our son. 

2 years later completely out of the blue I started to get a tremor in my right hand as well as involuntary body jerks. 

After being put on several strong medications and due to that feeling I had no quality of life I decided a change is essential.

So a started to look into CBD after spending 2 years trying lots of different types I then found one that made a big difference to my quality of life.

I am now able to get through the day with out my pain killers nearly all of the time, I have also been able to drop 2 of my night time tablets which I have been on for a long time. All of this together is making a huge difference to my quality of life.

So I decided to start selling CBD products to try and help others as I had been helped.

In the early days of selling CBD I was asked a lot about vape CBD so I went to a trusted laboratory who where able to product a great vape for me with CBD FOR ME 11% unflavoured vape.

I then looked into extending my product range so I was able to offer as many products as possible to meet customers needs.

This is currently where I am up to with my story and my business now being a year in.

Endless Possibilities with CBD Ltd.